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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the jobs on indeed legit?

The short answer to that is yes. The long answer is that Indeed ticks all the boxes of a legit job site. One of the first checks of a legit job site is legality. This is because, in almost every case, a site that is owned and operated by a 100% legal company is always legit.

How does indeed work for employers?

Indeed is an interface which allows a job seeker and an employer to meet. How does that work. The website uses web crawler to find all top search results of jobs posted by various employers. This data is then shown on their website and it directly refers you to the web page of the career section of the employer.

How to improve indeed rating?

Millions of people have posted reviews about employers and companies on Indeed Company Pages, which is home to more than 10 million employer reviews. Many employers take advantage of this free resource to differentiate their brands and engage with talent. 1. Acknowledge feedback positively.

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