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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a disease and a disorder?

There is a wide gap of measures between a disease and a disorder. The main difference between a disease and a disorder is that a disease is most often than not caused by factors such as viruses and bacteria while a disorder is due to abnormalities mostly being intrinsic like birth defects and genetic malfunction.

What are the differences between sickness, illness and disease?

• In general, both disease and illness are used to refer to the same concept of ailment or sickness. • It is the organ of a person that is afflicted by a disease. On the other hand, illness is something that a person has.

What are examples of diseases?

Infectious diseases can be any of the following: Chickenpox Common cold Diphtheria E. coli Giardiasis HIV/AIDS Infectious mononucleosis Influenza (flu) Lyme disease Malaria Measles Meningitis Mumps Poliomyelitis (polio) Pneumonia Rocky mountain spotted fever Rubella (German measles) Salmonella infections Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

What are common illnesses?

Common Illnesses that are treated at urgent care center are: Allergies & Asthma. Stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, rashes, Shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, Bronchitis. The inflammation of the bronchial tubes, often thought as a nasty cough. Common Cold. Symptoms may include headache, runny nose, or fever. Ear Infection.

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