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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practise health and illness vocabulary?

Play a word game to learn and practise health and illness vocabulary. Print a set of health flashcards, or print some for you to colour in and write the words! How healthy are you? Practise your reading in English with this quiz. Did you know that a toilet can save your life? Watch this video to find out why toilets are so important.

What is another word for illness?

This illnesses vocabulary list includes common aches and pains we feel in our bodies. Another word for illness is sickness. Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation—in American English—and practice saying the words out loud during the pauses after each word. Solving puzzles is a great way to learn vocabulary.

What kind of flashcards are there for Health and sickness?

Flashcard Set 1: Health and Sickness Flashcards A number of big flashcards featuring sickness words such as cough, sore throat, bump, cut, and rash Health Worksheet 1: Health Word Search A word search that covers several of the vocabulary items from the flashcards above.

Should we teach kids about medical vocabulary and conversation at the Doctor?

The fact is that teaching children about medical vocabulary and conversation at the doctor could be a great step towards making them less fearful about physicians and hospitals, which could translate in kids who are more comfortable about taking medicine or getting examined when needed.

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