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Frequently Asked Questions

Which IITs in India offer the best MSc in mathematics and computing?

The MnC programme at IIT-BHU, Varanasi is likely to be the best for people who enjoy Mathematics and are further open to work in the field of Computer Science, as it has got equal portions of Mathematics and Computing. At IIT Kharagpur, Mathematics and Computing is offered as an M.Sc. programme.

What are the academic units of IIT Kharagpur?

Dear Indrasom IIT Kharagpur provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. provides and the academic units include Faculty of engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Bio-Technology and BioSciences, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Social and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Interdiscipl...

How to get admission in IIT-Kharagpur?

To get admission in IIT Kharagpur student must have passed Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology as the major subjects. The candidates must have a minimum of 50-60% of marks in Class 12 to register for admission.

Is the MNC programme in IITs mostly in maths or coding?

However, the courses in the MnC programme would be more inclined towards Mathematics than the coding part. The MnC programme is currently being offered in several IITs. For example, IIT Kanpur offers Mathematics and Scientific Computing which is mostly Mathematics with a very little computing component involved.

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