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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IIT-KGP E-Cell?

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) is a student body of IIT Kharagpur, formed in 2006 solely with the purpose of inspiring and guiding start-ups in the campus. Standing today, the IIT-KGP E-Cell plays a much wider, national role in student entrepreneurship and has won multiple acclaims across the world.

Why choose a summer course from E-Cell IIT Kharagpur?

A summer training that cuts the fluff and focuses on practical concepts. Power your CV with a certification and Internship Project Letter from E-Cell IIT Kharagpur. 15+ implementation based modules for just 499/course. It doesn’t get better than this. to make you industry ready. Get hands-on practical exposure andget ready for the real world.

What is Campus Ambassador Programme at IIT Kharagpur?

The Campus Ambassador Programme brings an opportunity for students all over India to be a part of Team Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur and act as a link between IIT Kharagpur and their own campus.

What is KEC at IIT KGP?

The Kolkata Extension Centre (KEC) is housed in the Kolkata Campus of IIT KGP. The RMSoEE has initiated a start-up hub in the IIT KGP Kolkata Campus to promote innovation and entrepreneurship beyond the Kharagpur Campus. The place is ideal for entrepreneurs and start-ups to begin their journey and validate the product market-fit.

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