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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian III%?

The Canadian III% is, in essence, a direct lift of an American militia that has been outfitted with a rough paint job to fit into a Canadian worldview—even the name III% comes from an American myth that it was three percent of the American population that fought against the British in the War of Independence.

Who are the Canadian Three Percenters and why are they training?

"The Alberta group is actively training to defend Canada from what they see as the inevitable invasion by Muslims," she said. The Canadian Three Percenters became more active after the election of Justin Trudeau in 2015. Facebook posts reveal a mounting fear of Muslim refugees and open borders.

Who are the three percent?

Some of the III% (the "Three Percent," as they call themselves) brought shock canes—a non-lethal weapon that can deliver up to a million volts to the person hit—while others had billy clubs or regular old canes. On many of the shirts was the III%'s credo, "NSA"—Never Standing Alone.

How many Three Percenters are there in Alberta?

The Three Percenters' private Facebook groups reveal the Alberta chapter has nearly 3,000 members, although the Vice report estimates only 150 to 200 are active. The Ontario group, formed in fall 2017, has more than 600 members, although it's unclear how many are active.

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