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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iiaasa's global forest database?

IIASA's Global Forest Database presents the FAO's Global Forest resources Assessment 2005 at enhanced spatial resolution of 0.5 degrees. The GFD contains information about the growing stock, biomass, and carbon stock in forests for 229 countries.

What is IIASA doing for SSPs?

IIASA began work in 2011 on quantifying one of the five SSPs. The Energy Program has spearheaded the cross-program collaboration with the Population and Ecosystem Services Management programs. More The LIMITS Scenario database, operated by IIASA for the LIMITS consortium, hosts the results of the LIMITS modeling comparison exercise.

Do we need to harmonize the base year data for SSPs?

Harmonization of the base year data has been done only for the CMIP6 emissions (Gidden et al, forthcoming), and the resulting climate projections which are based on a common climate model for all SSPs (for further information, see the SSP study protocol ). For specific purposes, harmonization of base year data might be required.

What changes have been made to version 2 of the database?

Version 2.0 of the database includes harmonized and consolidated data for three of the four RCPs. This comprises emissions pathways starting from identical base year (2000) for BC, OC, CH4, Sulfur, NOx, VOC, CO and NH3. In addition, harmonized well-mixed GHG emissions of the RCPs have been added for the period 2005 to 2100.

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