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Frequently Asked Questions

How many countries does IIAS represent?

With students from over 45 countries, IIAS celebrates our cultural and professional diversity while actively managing STEM outreach programs that provide representation to under-served communities. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Why Study IIAS?

IIAS provides its students with the skills and opportunities needed to publish professional, peer-reviewed science furthering our knowledge of human space flight. Our space-faring future requires participation from all.

What is IIAS certification for FSA?

IIAS Merchant Certification. An inventory information approval system (IIAS) requires a merchant’s inventory and point-of-sale systems to have the ability to verify that the merchandise being purchased with a FSA/HRA card is an eligible medical expense, as defined by the IRS.

How do I claim that I support IIAS transactions using SIGIS?

A merchant will not be permitted to claim that it supports IIAS transactions using the SIGIS standard until it has been certified to the IIAS standards developed and approved by SIGIS. Merchants that are clients of a certified third-party service provider may use a simplified certification form, see TPS Merchant Certification.

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