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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iiar website?

The IIAR website,, also houses the largest industrial refrigeration on-line technical library containing more than 400 technical papers and publications that are available to IIAR members. IIAR is currently the only organization writing performance standards for ammonia refrigeration systems.

Can I use iiar 9-2020 instead of iiar 2-2014a?

Put another way: If your system is designed to IIAR 2-1999, then you might be able to use IIAR 9-2020 as an alternative to compliance with IIAR 2-2014a. Please note: this does not change NEW additions and systems – they are evaluated under current RAGAGEP. Is there anything else it requires?

What is iiar's relationship with China?

IIAR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Association of Refrigeration in 2007. The two organizations are enjoying a free flow of information and visitors to each others’ events. The IIAR standards are being adopted into the Chinese system by CAR.

How long does it take to become iiar 9 compliant?

The new standard requires an initial evaluation for IIAR 9 compliance within 5 years. It also requires that you re-evaluate that IIAR 9 compliance every 5 years thereafter. How should I comply? As with all compliance topics, there are lots of ways to get from here to there.

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