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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ansicansi/iiar 4-2020?

ANSI/IIAR 4-2020 has been written to serve as a standard for the installation of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems and overpressure protection relief piping systems. Quantity is required.

What is the iiar Bulletin 116 all about?

• IIAR Bulletin No. 116 Guidelines for: Avoiding Component Failure in Industrial Refrigeration Systems Caked by Abnormal Pressure or Shock • IIAR Bulletin No. R1 A Guide to: Good Practices for the Operation of an Ammonia Refrigeration System Providing Solutions. Simplifying Regulation. IIAR Literature - Bulletins

Are refrigeration systems using ammonia refrigerant iiar compliant?

Refrigeration systems using ammonia refrigerant and the buildings in which such systems are installed shall comply with IIAR-2for system design and installation and IIAR-7for operating procedures. Decommissioning of ammonia refrigeration systems shall comply with IIAR-8. •2018 NFPA 1 §53.1.3 Reference Codes and Standards.

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