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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the IIAG measure?

The IIAG constitutes the most comprehensive dataset measuring African governance, providing specific scores and trends at African continental, regional, and national level, on a whole spectrum of thematic governance dimensions, from security to justice to rights and economic opportunity to health.

What does the 2018 IIAG focus on?

The 2018 IIAG focuses on assessing country trends in the last five years (2013-2017), within the context of the last decade (2008-2017). Whilst a country can either improve or deteriorate over the decade, the trend displayed in recent years shows important and useful characteristics for analysis.

What is the IIAG index dataset?

The new Index dataset is now available. Published since 2007, the IIAG assesses governance performance in 54 African countries over the latest available 10-year period. It provides a framework and dashboard for any interested audience to assess the delivery of public goods and services and public policy outcomes in African countries.

What is CSIC and what does it do?

It plays an essential role within the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation and contributes to reinforce Spain’s position at the international level. CSIC’s main aim is to develop and promote scientific studies to contribute to foster scientific and technological progress. CSIC's mission includes:

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