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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IASL annual conference?

The IASL Annual Conference provided a space for school librarians, teachers, administrators, researchers, and all those with an interest in education and libraries to explore how school librarians effect change, empower learners and positively contribute to education. Broadcasted from Denton, Texas!

What is IaaS (Internet as a service)?

IaaS is one of the four types of cloud services, along with software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and serverless. Migrating your organization's infrastructure to an IaaS solution helps you reduce maintenance of on-premises data centers, save money on hardware costs, and gain real-time business insights.

Is IaaS still relevant in a crowded field?

However, with the advent of new technologies, such as containers and serverless, and the related rise of the microservices application pattern, IaaS remains foundational but is in a more crowded field than ever. Discover how IBM can help you on your infrastructure journey. In the following video, Bradley Knapp breaks down the basics of IaaS:

What is the difference between IaaS PaaS and SaaS?

IaaS PaaS SaaS An IBM perspective: IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS A vendor provides clients pay-as-you-go access to storage, networking, servers, and other computing resources in the cloud. A service provider offers access to a cloud-based environment in which users can build and deliver applications.

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