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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ISM property management company in Los Angeles?

ISM Management Company Los Angeles. Apartments for Rent California, Nevada, Tennessee Properties for rent in California, Nevada, and Tennessee. ISM Management Company is a property management firm with regional offices in Southern California, Northern California, Nevada, and Tennessee.

Is the municipal clerk Institute recognized by IIMC?

The Municipal Clerk Institute Profiles list certification and Master Municipal Clerk programs in Europe and North America recognized by IIMC. Learn More September 2021 News Digest is now available! Read on...

How to pay rent online with ISM management company?

Make online rent payments quickly and easily using our website’s integrated payment processing system. ISM Management Company accepts online payments via ACH bank transfer (e-check), Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express (processing fees apply). Our tenants’ complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

How is my iiom course delivered?

All IIOM content is delivered online through our E-academy enabling you to complete your course as quickly as you want. Our learning platform, Moodle, is accessible from any device giving you the flexibility you need to progress on your learning journey wherever you are.

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