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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the IIA standards compliance checklists?

IIA Standards Compliance Checklist 1000 Purpose, Authority, and Responsibility IIA Standards Compliance Checklist 1120 Individual Objectivity IIA Standards Compliance Checklist 1220 Due Professional Care IIA Standards Compliance Checklist The need for more frequent external assessments; and The qualifications and independence of the external

Who is required to be IIA–certified?

The Chief Audit Executive and anyone issuing internal audit reports should be required to be IIA–certified An employees Profile is developed and reviewed annually, including the experience, qualifications, certifications, and years of auditing experience

What are the performance standards 2000 for internal audit?

Performance Standards 2000 – Managing the Internal Audit Activity The chief audit executive must effectively manage the internal audit activity to ensure it adds value to the organization. Interpretation The internal audit activity is effectively managed when: It achieves the purpose and responsibility included in the internal audit charter.

How do internal auditors implement standard 2240?

To implement Standard 2240, internal auditors begin with a clear and thorough understanding of the engagement’s objectives and scope, as well as the key risks and controls in the area or process under review. Typically, they a have a complete understanding of the resources available for the engagement.

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