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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IIA glossary?

 Glossary – International Professional Practices Framework The conceptual framework that organises the authoritative guidance promulgated by the IIA. Authoritative Guidance is comprised of two categories – (1) mandatory and (2) stronglyrecommended. 66 4. Attribute Standards

What are the audit requirements for standard 2020?

Standard 2020 – Communication and Approval The chief audit executive must communicate the internal audit activity’s plans and resource requirements, including significant interim changes, to senior management and the board for review and approval. The chief audit executive must also communicate the impact of resource limitations.

How many standards of internal auditing does the IIA have?

of Internal Auditing’ issued by the IIA.  The Standards are contained in the IPPF.  There are 11 overarching Standards and 41 underlying Standards. 18 The Standards – overarching and

When did the iiasb make changes to the standards?

The proposed changes to the Standards had a 90-day exposure period from Feb. 1, 2016, to April 30, 2016. During the exposure period, the IIASB received responses from individuals and organizations around the world.

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