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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skilledskills assessment?

Skills Assessment is a component of the Audit Intelligence Suite. While it is an outstanding standalone tool to appraise the development needs of your audit function, bundling Skills Assessment with Benchmarking Report and Stakeholder Survey will give you the crucial intelligence to succeed as a chief audit executive.

What is the IIA global internal audit competency framework?

The IIA Global Internal Audit Competency Framework (the Framework) is a tool that defines the competencies needed to meet the requirements of the International Professional Practices Framework® (IPPF®) for success within the internal audit profession.

What is the audit intelligence suite – skills assessment?

The Audit Intelligence Suite – Skills Assessment allows you to evaluate the expertise and opportunities for improvement of your internal audit department team or individual staff members. As an internal auditor competencies-based assessment, you can acquire and then act on the results easily, affordably, and transparently.

What are internal self-assessments used for?

Processes and procedures from the Manual used to support external assessments might also be used for periodic internal self-assessment purposes. These also might be used to evaluate quality for individual engagements as a component of ongoing monitoring.

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