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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Icelandair flights?

Here's everything you need to know before you fly, including baggage policies, fare classes, and more, according to Icelandair reviews. There are five classes of service on international Icelandair flights: Economy Light, Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Saga Premium, and Saga Premium Flex.

Is Icelandair taking responsibility for cancelling flights?

They have just cancelled the flight. There is no resolution online after 45 minutes listening to mournful hold music and an unapologetic “we’re busy” message I was harangued and hung up on by their truly appallingly rude customer agents. Icelandair are not taking responsibility. Worst customer service, very poor representative for Iceland.

How bad is iceicelandair really?

Icelandair wasn't great before the pandemic hit (I've traveled with them a few times), but they definitely went from bad to horrible in 2020. Do not use this company, especially if you want to travel to/from North America. It is a waste of money, energy and resources.

Is economy class on Icelandair worth the cost?

Comparing the levels of service, Tripadvisor reviewer Tim Y. said, "Economy class cost on Icelandair is reasonable as long as you pack your own food with you, and Saga Premium is not inexpensive, but is definitely worth it if you think of it as cheap Business." Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Icelandair altered its flight change policies.

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