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Frequently Asked Questions

What aircraft does Iceland Air use?

what type of planes does Icelandair use? Icelandair Fleet. Since 2008, our fleet has expanded from 10 Boeing 757-200 and a single 757-300 aircraft, to 23 757-200 and a single 757-300 aircraft in 2015. In 2016, we added our first two Boeing 767-300 ER to our growing fleet, adding two more in 2017 - reaching a sizable fleet of 29 aircraft.

How much does it cost to fly to Iceland?

Round-trip flights to Iceland ranged from only $128 to $157 during this same period. What are the most popular airports to fly into in Iceland? What are the most popular airports to fly into in Iceland?

How long is a flight from the US to Iceland?

fly for about 6 hours in the air. 9:14 pm (local time): Keflavik International (KEF) Iceland is 4 hours ahead of New York City. so the time in New York City is actually 5:14 pm. taxi on the runway for an average of 15 minutes to the gate. 9:29 pm (local time): arrive at the gate at KEF. deboard the plane, and claim any baggage.

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