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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of IAP Marines?

IAP Marines will be primary nominees: mil-diplomatic defense attaché, Office of Security Cooperations, regional plans, advisors, plans, policies, operations. IAP is responsible for selection, designation and assignment of Marines to the following programs:

What is an 8220 MOS in the Marine Corps?

Marine Corps exchange personnel embed with partnered military units while foreign counterparts embed with Marine Corps units, to develop and enhance worldwide security cooperation. The 8220 MOS is used to designate those billets requiring a degree of knowledge or experience in international affairs.

What does the Marine Corps International Affairs program do?

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS PROGRAMS The Marine Corps International Affairs Programs (IAP) identifies, develops and manages a professionalized cadre of subject matter experts in regionally focused political-military affairs who will possess advanced education in regional security studies, regional experience, and advanced linguistic skills.

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