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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the ARDC report attendance for MCLE events?

The ARDC reports individual attorney attendance by the end of the month subsequent to the date of completion of the MCLE event (for example, September events will be reported by October 31). Learn more about how to use the ARDC Online Learning Portal by watching this short video.

What is continuing legal education (CLE)?

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offers attorneys education beyond the minimum the State Bar requires to help stay current with new laws or expand their legal expertise. Low-cost MCLE Self-Study test in the California Bar Journal.

When do I have to efile documents with the ARDC?

All filers are strongly encouraged to eFile all documents due within this time frame prior to December 30, 2021, at 12:00 PM CST. In the alternative and during this limited Odyssey eFileIL outage only, filers can file documents with the ARDC by submitting the documents through email to [email protected]

What does the ARDC do in Illinois?

The Supreme Court established the ARDC as administrative agency, effective February 1, 1973, and charged the agency with assisting the Court in the regulation of the legal profession in Illinois. In November 2017, upon recommendation of the ARDC, the Court adopted Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services.

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