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Frequently Asked Questions

What does iAPX 432 stand for?

The iAPX 432 ( Intel Advanced Performance Architecture) was a computer architecture introduced in 1981. It was Intel 's first 32-bit processor design. The main processor of the architecture, the general data processor, was implemented as a set of two separate integrated circuits, due to technical limitations at the time.

What is Intel iMAX 432?

Intel iMAX 432 is a discontinued operating system for the 432, written entirely in Ada, and Ada was also the intended primary language for application programming. In some aspects, it may be seen as a high-level language computer architecture .

What is the history of Intel 432?

Intel's 432 project started in 1975, a year after the 8-bit Intel 8080 was completed and a year before their 16-bit 8086 project began. The 432 project was initially named the 8800, as their next step beyond the existing Intel 8008 and 8080 microprocessors. This became a very big step.

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