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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cb3000/cb3100/ia4100 or ia500/ia500 making noise?

Because the CB3000, CB3100, IA4100 and IA500 are half-duplex (except IA4100), audio switching phones, hum and static can block audio by the duplex controller in one direction. The cause of the noise requires locating and resolving appropriately: The noise may be internal to the Code Blue enclosure. High intensity lights may cause the noise.

What size wire do I need for Code Blue?

This chart provides power requirements in feet from power supply to Code Blue unit using 10 gauge wire or larger. In addition, each Code Blue phone requires its own phone line or PBX extension of one pair of shielded twisted pair for the telco line (telco wire size varies depending on distance required; 22 gauge is standard).

How do I program a Code Blue speakerphone?

Call the extension or phone number of the Code Blue speakerphone. When you dial the number you’re trying to reach, you will hear an acknowledgement tone or RFA tone to let you know that the phone has picked up and is ready to be programmed.

What is the part number for the Code Blue Security bit?

The part number for the Code Blue security bit is 41414. To order, click here. If you have any questions about ordering or using the form, please contact Customer Support at 616.392.8296 or 800.205.7186.

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