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Frequently Asked Questions

Which doctor should I See for hypotension?

A primary care doctor or specialist may diagnose and treat hypotension. The type of specialist most commonly involved is a cardiologist (heart specialist). Other specialists also may be involved, such as surgeons, nephrologists (kidney specialists), neurologists (brain and nerve specialists), or others.

When to worry about hypotension?

Most doctors do not consider hypotension a problem unless it is associated with certain signs and symptoms, which may include: Dizziness. Fainting. Fatigue. Problems concentrating. Blurry vision.

What is hypotension and is it dangerous?

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is not often considered to be a major problem. However, severe hypotension can indicate an underlying problem, and it can lead to serious heart disorders and organ failure, because oxygen and nutrients may not reach key organs. Hypotension is linked to shock, a life-threatening condition.

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