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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest 110 meter hurdles?

Who is the fastest 110 meter hurdler in the world? The fastest 110 metre hurdlers run the distance in around 13 seconds. Aries Merritt of the United States holds the current world record of 12.80 seconds, set at the Memorial Van Damme meet on 7 September 2012 in Belgium.

What is the height of the hurdles?

Hurdles race are also part of combined events contests, including the decathlon and heptathlon. In track races, hurdles are normally 68–107 cm in height (or 27–42 inches), depending on the age and gender of the hurdler. Events from 50 to 110 meters are technically known as high hurdles races, while longer competitions are low hurdles races.

What is the world record for the 110 meter hurdles?

The world record in the 110m hurdles at the 39-inch height is 12.72 by Sasha Zhoya, achieved at the 2021 World Athletics U20 Championships – Men's 110 metres hurdles in Nairobi, Kenya on 21 August 2021. Milestones First official IAAF world record: 15.0 seconds, Forrest Smithson (USA), 1908

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