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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HQ and HD video?

HD and HQ are two different formats available for viewing videos on YouTube. HD stands for high-definition, whereas HQ stands for High Quality. In YouTube, people have the option to upload their videos in order to share them with the world, or people can view the videos uploaded by others.

What is the difference between HD a HQ?

For starters, HQ is an abbreviation for High Quality while HD is for High definition. The difference between HQ and HD is that HQ is used to define a picture quality in resolution while HD is used to define the framerate of a video.

What does HQ stand for in HQ Trivia?

HQ stands for Hype Quiz from hqtrivia Still, the company has not confirmed any of these theories. Instead, an HQ rep told Money that the name doesn't stand for anything officially, it just stands for HQ. HQ is fast approaching 2 million daily users, and recently increased its total pot to $15,000.

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