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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 8 elements of HPI?

A complete HPI will contain up to 8 different elements. These 8 elements are the location, quality, severity, duration, onset, context, modifying factors, and associated signs and symptoms with regard to the chief complaint. For the previous HPI, the elements are as follows: location: center of chest.

What is HPI healthcare?

HPI-Is are for GPs, allied health professionals, nurses, dentists and pharmacists who provide patient care. Healthcare Provider Identifier–Organisation (HPI–O) – for organisations. HPI-Os are for organisations delivering healthcare, such as hospitals or general practices.

What is a HPI Check?

An HPI Check is a vehicle check provided by HPI Ltd that scrutinises the history of any motorised vehicle registered in the UK including cars, vans and motorbikes. The HPI Check Report will alert you to any worrying information held against the vehicle by finance and insurance companies, the DVLA, the Police and other industry bodies.

What is HPI clear?

A vehicle is only HPI Clear if the HPI Report shows the following: There is no active finance agreement or loan secured on it. If there is finance outstanding you should ensure the debt is settled prior to purchase. A vehicle with outstanding debt will remain the property of the finance company until it’s cleared.

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