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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the latest version of DayZ?

Then create a directory for the server - for example classic C:\dayz-server - by entering and confirming the following command: Using the app_update command and the Steam app ID (223350), you will now download the latest version of the DayZ server software: After the installation is complete, log out of the Steam servers by typing “ quit ”.

How to setup a DayZ server?

For this, choose any editor and paste the following minimal setup for a simple DayZ server: Save your batch file and double-click it to launch the server. The DayZ Console will open automatically and you will be able to follow the server setup process step by step.

What operating system should I use for DayZ?

As an operating system, you should opt for Windows Server. Native support for Linux systems is not available, which is why you can only set up a DayZ server there by using a workaround (e.g. with Wine). Since DayZ’s dedicated server software is designed as a single-core application, a CPU setup with high single-core power is also preferable.

What's new in ARMA2 Dayz?

This is a special version of Arma2 with early release to Vilayer, It fixes certain issues with Gamespy and other performance increases. PLEASE NOTE AN UPDATE FOR DAYZ IS CURRENTLY PENDING SO ALL SERVERS WILL BE UPDATED AFTER THIS UPDATE.

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