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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my dachshund has IVDD?

Once your Dachshund has IVDD, you can expect costly surgeries, months of physical therapy and frustrating experience for both you and your dog. Most IVDD incidences occur when a dog is in their prime, as that’s when they’re most active. This prevention can firstly be done through protecting and strengthening your dog’s back.

How to prevent intervertebral disc calcification in Dachshunds?

The most important step to lowering the risk of IVDD is to prevent your dachshund from becoming obese or overweight. Any extra weight puts a lot of strain on the spine and can increase the risk of intervertebral disk calcification. Here are some easy-to-follow Dachshund Weight loss Tips. As a dog parent, your dachshund’s nutrition is a priority.

Are there different types of IVDD in Dachshunds?

Are There Different Types of IVDD? Yes, there are two main types of IVDD seen in dogs: Type I and Type II. Type 1 IVDD is considered more mild, while Type 2 is more severe. Dachshunds that have IVDD Type 1 can generally heal over time and are able to resume their normal daily routines, including walking and playing.

How can I Keep my dachshund from getting injured on stairs?

Instead, there are some really simple solutions — primarily, dog ramps. Once you’ve got your dog ramp installed, one last thing you can do to prevent IVDD injuries is to train your Dachshund to avoid stairs. Since training your doxie a new skill or behavior can take a while, you can also use baby gates or a similar stopper to block off stairways.

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