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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Valheim mods?

Download BepInEx pack for Valheim. This is a framework that allows modding of the game, so it is absolutely necessary to have. After you download the zip, place the files in your Valheim install folder and you are good to go. Download the game’s Unstripped DLLs: that’s another piece that you need in order to install Valheim mods.

How do I install custom textures in Valheim?

Install the Custom Textures mod. This can be done via Vortex. The mod allows for custom textures to be used in Valheim. For a specific pack, download it manually, then unzip it to: < Valheim install folder>\BepInEx\plugins\CustomTextures. You can also open each texture file (they are png) and pick and choose what will be applied to the game.

What is Valheim plus?

Valheim Plus packs a lot in, and may be the first real overhaul mod—balancing, stat modifiers, and some tweaks to production and processing speeds of fermenting and smelting. Give equipped items their own dedicated inventory slots, plus three more hotkeyable quick slots. This mod updates the game UI with few subtle edits.

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