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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a server in unturned?

To create a server in Unturned, follow the detailed guide below: Launch Steam and navigate to the “Library” tab at the upper part of your screen. Right-click “Unturned” from the games list, then select “Properties” from the dropdown menu. Click “Local Files”, then “Browse Local Files” to open the folder.

What is unturned port?

Unturned uses two consecutive ports. The first is for server list queries, and the second for in-game traffic. Recommended port values are 27015 for the first server, 27017 for the second server, 27019 for the third server, so on and so forth. Name: Name of the server on the server list; set as "Unturned" by default.

How do I download and update unturned 3?

An example on how to download & update would look like this: Note: To download the "Unturned" game server you must log in with a Steam account. Download the latest Rocket from here and unzip it into the Unturned folder. Start the Unturned 3 server because Rocket will create files and directories that you'll need.

How do I create an unturned server using Hamachi?

To create an Unturned server using Hamachi, follow the steps below: Install the Hamachi file. Select the “Unmanaged Mode” when downloading. Sign up at the Hamachi website. Once you’re logged in, click the power button, then click “Network” and select “Create Network.” Set a server name and password, then click “Create.”

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