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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Datadog agent?

If you need to install a specific version of the Agent, see the installer list. Run the installer (as Administrator) by opening datadog-agent-7-latest.amd64.msi. Follow the prompts, accept the license agreement, and enter your Datadog API key. When the install finishes, you are given the option to launch the Datadog Agent Manager.

How do I install Datadog on Ubuntu?

Have the Datadog UI open. Note: This walkthrough uses the Ubuntu operating system. See the Basic Agent Usage page for a full list of supported platforms. In the Datadog UI, go to the Agent Installation page for Ubuntu by navigating to Integrations > Agent and selecting Ubuntu.

What does Datadog do?

Executes some connectivity diagnosis on your system. Collects a flare and send it to Datadog. Gets help about any command. Prints the hostname used by the Agent. Imports and converts configuration files from previous versions of the Agent. Starts the Datadog Agent Manager. Import the registry settings into datadog.yaml.

How do I configure the Datadog EU site?

For installation and configuration to the Datadog EU site, use the SITE= parameter. See the configuration variables table below. Starting with Agent v6.11.0, the core and APM/trace components of the Windows Agent run under the ddagentuser account created at install time instead of the LOCAL_SYSTEM account.

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