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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the highway of Legends a good route?

Colorado's Highway of Legends byway is the perfect route for those exploring southern Colorado. Traverse a route that's rich with majestic Rocky Mountain vistas and steeped in history. If time is on your side and you’re driving south on I-25 to New Mexico, skip the interstate stretch from Walsenburg to Trinidad and take the road less traveled.

How do I get the Legends Highway badge?

Upon your first visit to Legends Highway, you will receive the "Legends Highway" badge. Also, the pets will be shown below that is in Omega Tier. The recommended speed for this area is 300 and recommended jump (jumppower) is 200. So that way, when your too fast, you can change those things when you click/tap on the settings menu.

How many miles is the highway of Legends in Colorado?

It's an 82 mile stretch of mostly State Highway 12, connecting Walsenburg with Trinidad to the south. Highway Of Legends National Scenic Byway – Trinidad-Aguilar-Walsenburg, CO

What is the byway known for?

The Byway is home to unique geological, cultural, and historic features and includes a myriad of legends from the Native Americans, the Spanish Conquistadors, and the pioneers, miners, trappers, and ranchers who explored and then settled this region.

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