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Frequently Asked Questions

How is delirium tremens diagnosed?

To diagnose delirium tremens, a healthcare provider considers medical history and symptoms and may conduct a physical exam. They will likely check for fever and dehydration, also listening to the heart to see if its beat is rapid or irregular.

What are the risk factors for delirium tremens?

Some risk factors related to the severity of alcohol withdrawal, including the development of delirium tremens include: 6 Higher amounts of alcohol consumed in the weeks prior to withdrawal. The number of previous episodes of alcohol withdrawal. Previous experience with severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which includes DTs or withdrawal seizures.

How long does it take to get delirium tremens?

A period of milder alcohol withdrawal often exists at first, with symptoms becoming increasingly more severe after 48 to 96 hours—although symptoms can begin as long as seven to 10 days after quitting drinking. 2 The delirium tremens experience can vary from one person to another, depending, in part, on the level of previous alcohol use.

What is the treatment for delirium tremens?

DT treatment may initially include the use of benzodiazepine medications to reduce the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. 10 Some of the medications used to treat delirium tremens include Ativan (lorazepam) and Librium (chlordiazepoxide). These medicines can help relieve the anxiety associated with severe, acute alcohol withdrawal.

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