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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a snowman?

It’s simple to roll up three snowballs, one large, one medium, and one small. Stack them up with the biggest on bottom and the smallest on top for the head. Then let your creative side run wild by decorating the snowman with a face, clothing, arms, and any accessories that you want! Check for snow that’s moist and packable.

How do you keep a snowman from falling off?

1 Stop rolling the snowball in the spot where you want the snowman to be. ... 2 It often works well to roll the ball in a large spiral, but take note that this will leave an obvious pattern in the snow. 3 Pat your snowball together every so often to keep excess snow from falling off.

How do you paint a snowman with food coloring?

Add a few drops of food coloring to a spray bottle full of water, secure the lid, and shake thoroughly. Then, spray the food coloring mixture onto the desired areas of your snowman. Thanks! We're glad this was helpful.

How do you shovel snow?

Scoop up a handful of snow with both hands. Pack it together into a round shape. Add snow to the ball in your hands until it is about one foot (30.5 cm) in diameter, or until it gets too heavy. Make sure you are wearing warm, waterproof gloves, or your hands will start to hurt from handling the snow.

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