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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Salad Fingers look like?

Salad Fingers is a bald, hunchbacked, green-skinned humanoid with dark red eyes and three, prong-like fingers on each hand. His teeth are yellow and rotted. He usually wears a teal, long-sleeved shirt, black (originally blue) pants, and brown shoes. When ill, Salad's eyes shift into a bright yellow color and his skin lightens immensely.

What genre is Salad Fingers?

Salad Fingers Genre Psychological horror Black comedy Created by David Firth Christian Webb Written by David Firth Christian Webb (co-writer) J ... Directed by David Firth Johnathan Serio 10 more rows ...

How many Salad Fingers episodes are there?

It revolves around the eponymous Salad Fingers, a thin, green, mentally troubled man who inhabits a desolate world. As of March 2022, there have been twelve episodes published on YouTube and Newgrounds. Since its debut, Salad Fingers has amassed a cult following and has been described as a viral phenomenon .

Is Salad Fingers a boy or girl?

Salad Fingers’ true identity, age, and species are unknown. His gender is also debated by fans, though it could be explained as him being a male who acts out female personalities or possibly as a trans man.

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