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How much alcohol is in a pint?

While drinking a pint of vodka is preferable to a fifth of vodka, it is still a lot of alcohol. In the United States, a pint is equal to about 473ml 4, or an eighth of a gallon. A pint of beer is a very reasonable amount of alcohol, and generally falls within the daily recommended limit.

How much ML is in a pint of vodka?

an Imperial pint is 568 mL, a US pint is 473 mL. so 375 mL (3/8 of a litre) is around 2/3 of an Imperial pint. but in US measure, it’s 1½ cups or around 12 US fl. oz. 2.6K views · Answer requested by

What is half a pint of liquor?

So a “half pint” of hard liquor is going to be about 6oz. The CDC and other government agencies consider a “standard drink” of 80 proof (40%) liquor to be 1.5oz. A half pint of hard liquor for people in the US breaks down to a little over 4 “drinks”. The CDC recommends max 2 drinks a day.

How many shots in a liter of alcohol?

In the United States, a shot is defined as 1.5 ounces, which is 44 milliliters; this allows for 22 full shots for a 1-liter bottle. Countries in the Baltic region typically serve shots that are 50 milliliters, which allows for 20 shots per 1-liter bottle.

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