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Frequently Asked Questions

Will background check contact current employer?

When you fill out your background check forms there is a small button which says “don’t contact current employer” click on it. In such cases, the background verification service will ask for your most recent paycheck and all available W2s for the tenure and this will close the loop on verification of current employment.

How far back does HireRight check for background?

How far back do HireRight background checks go? First, HireRight's customers can specify how far back they want the search to go, with seven years being the most common choice, but other options include 10 years as well as “unlimited” – which searches for all records that are reasonably available.

Are employers required to do a background check?

Unless the employer is asking for medical or genetic information, it's not illegal to ask you questions about your background, or to require a background check. (Employers aren't allowed to ask for medical information until they offer you a job, and they aren't allowed to ask for your genetic information - including family medical history ...

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