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Frequently Asked Questions

What chords do the Eagles use in hothotel California?

Hotel California - The Eagles Words & Music by Don Felder & Glenn Frey Chords Used: Bm , F#7 , A , E7 , G , D , Em [Verse] Bm F#7 On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair A E7 Warm smell of...

What is the chorus for Welcome to the Hotel California?

Chorus F C Welcome to the Hotel California. E7 Am Such a lovely place (such a lovely place), such a lovely face F C There's Plenty of room at the Hotel California Dm E Anytime of year, (anytime of year) You can find it here...

What was the number one song on the album Hotel California?

The album yielded two number-one singles, "New Kid in Town" and "Hotel California". Meisner left the band in 1977 and was replaced by Timothy B. Schmit.

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