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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Exit a room through a hopper window?

However, exiting through a hopper window would require crawling over the pane of glass to escape. Ecoline a full vent in-swing awning window opens at the top. It doesn’t use an operator so it can swing fully open without restriction. It swings inside the room and is often used in a basement.

What is a hopper window used for?

A hopper window opens at the bottom and swings into the room. It is usually used above doors or high on a wall for extra light and ventilation. It can also be used as an egress window as it can swing open freely but must meet code requirements.

What is the difference between hohopper windows and awnings?

Hopper windows open inward, into the house. While these units look nearly identical when they’re closed, the way they function often makes them ideal for very different places around the home. The most obvious difference between these two types of windows is the direction in which they open. In awnings, the sash moves outward away from the house.

Do awning windows open at the bottom or top?

Depending on the company or the brand of the windows, the sash in a hopper may open at the bottom or the top. A big advantage of awning windows is that they can stay open in any weather, and keep the rain out of the house while letting fresh air in.

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