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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hopper window replacement cost?

The average cost for a hopper window installation is $260 to $720 per window. You will want to add in local labor costs as well, which can average around $38 per hour. Speak with a contractor in your region to get exact replacement window costs for your home. your project?

What are basement hopper windows?

Install basement hopper windows to illuminate the areas of your home where wall and room space are limited, such as your basement, bathrooms and attic. Unlike awning windows, which open outward from the bottom, this style of window tilts downward and inward from the top for both easy cleaning and operation.

What is a hohopper window?

Hopper windows ventilate your space and help this moisture escape. You'll find basement windows in both white and gray, as well as in a handful of heights and dimensions to fit your specific space. We also offer many basement windows with internal weeping systems.

Can hopper windows be used as escape windows?

Though not intended for use as basement escape windows, you'll find that basement hopper windows offer a handful of benefits, particularly when installed in tight spaces. We offer basement windows with dual-pane insulated glass and durable seals to keep cold air out and warm air in when closed.

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