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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Halloween costumes from Stranger Things?

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 23 costumes from Stranger Things. With ideas including everyone’s favorite characters, like Eleven and Steve, as well as some fun curveballs like the creepy alphabet wall and Eleven’s beloved Eggos, there’s a costume choice for every level of Stranger Things fan. 1. Men’s Jim Hopper Halloween Costume

Is Jim Hopper the most popular character in Stranger Things?

If there’s a more popular character in the series than Chief Hopper, we’d like to hear about it. Sacrifice, comedy, and heroism make Jim Hopper a fan favorite, and in this Men’s Stranger Things Jim Hopper Halloween Costume, you can enjoy that popularity for one night.

Which ‘Stranger Things’ outfits are the most iconic?

Right up there with the pink dress and the Eggo waffles. Probably the most iconic of Eleven’s outfits, we need to give a shout out to the original disguise. Seriously, if you Google “Eleven Stranger Things,” the pink dress is the first picture that pops up.

Is there a Will Byers costume in Stranger Things?

For the first season of Stranger Things, this void was most definitely filled by Will Byers. With this Men’s Stranger Things Will Byers Wizard Costume, you’ll be able to show off Will’s love for Dungeons and Dragons and look pretty cool yourself at the same time.

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