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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopper Dead or Alive in 'Stranger Things'?

As you'll know by now (hopefully, otherwise you've just read a massive spoiler), Hopper is seemingly dead and gone at the end of season 3. Hop was standing on the platform next to the machine when Joyce turned the keys to turn it off, just before it exploded and killed everyone in the room.

How did Hopper find eleven on 'Stranger Things'?

Thanks to the hunter, Hopper also had a good idea of the vicinity Eleven was in, and these two things combined made it easier for him to find the superpowered tween . Despite leaving most of how Hopper tracks down Eleven a mystery, Stranger Things does an excellent job of showing how these two characters come to trust and rely on each other.

Is Hopper still alive on Stranger Things?

By Peter Foy Published Feb 15, 2020 A brief teaser for the fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things reveals a piece of crucial information: Hopper is alive! Beginning with an overview shot that brings us to a snow-capped Soviet gulag, it then transitions to a series of shots that show people slaving away on a railroad.

Who plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things?

–Jim Hopper, November 9, 1983. Jim Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, is a major character in the first and second seasons of Stranger Things. Hopper was Chief of Police in the small, sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, where he used to live out a carefree existence - yet haunted by a troubled past.

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