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Frequently Asked Questions

What really happened to Hopper in "Stranger Things 3"?

What Happens to Hopper at the End of Stranger Things Season 3? Hopper and Joyce worked together to save the world. The main storyline in Season 3 revolved around a group of Russians who had made a machine that could open the ... Hopper had a fist fight with the Terminator ... and won. ... He's stuck in a Russian jail. ... His "death" mirrors Han Solo's in The Empire Strikes Back. ...

Is Hopper actually dead in the Stranger Things 3?

"Stranger Things 3" ends with the ensemble of characters all believing chief of police Jim Hopper died in self-sacrifice to help close the Gate to the Upside Down. But now we know he survived, and is in Russia, thanks to a "Stranger Things 4" teaser. The show provided several important clues that Hopper was still alive and well.

Who dies in Stranger Things 3?

Everyone Who Died on Season 3 of Stranger Things 1 Bruce Lowe. Bruce is one of the journalists at The Hawkins Post, and he basically spent his entire time on screen belittling Nancy for her journalistic ideas. 2 Tom Holloway. ... 3 Heather Holloway. ... 4 Doris Driscoll. ... 5 Alexei. ... 6 Grigori. ... 8 The Mind Flayer. ... 9 Hopper. ...

What time does Stranger Things 3 premiere?

Stranger Things Season Three debuts at 12 a.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, July 4.

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