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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hopper Popper used for?

The Hopper Popper combo is a very useful tool designed specifically for harvesting and butchering meat rabbits. Made by a small family business in Oregon, this tool makes the unenjoyable task of processing rabbits more humane, efficient, and easier. How to Process Rabbits for Meat

Why does Eddie choose the hopper Popper tool set?

Ultimately, Eddie chooses the Hopper Popper tool set over alternatives because the killing of the rabbit is clean, instant and humane. You have an awesome product! I’m a novice at processing rabbits and I was able to dispatch, clean and bag 8 fryers in less than 2 hours with no added stress to the animals.

What is the best meat rabbit dispatch tool?

Looking for the Preferred Meat Rabbit Dispatch Tool... The Hopper Popper is the Best method for a Fast, Humane and Quiet way to Dispatch of a meat rabbit. The Short family have developed and sold The Hopper Popper to satisfied customers since 2013.

Can You butcher a rabbit?

Butchering a rabbit is an easy task. It might seem intimidating, but if you can butcher a chicken then you can handle butchering a rabbit. Now there are many methods to culling a rabbit. The only method I have ever used is the Hopper Popper. It just seems so much more humane to me and much easier too. (Ed – The Hopper Popper is no longer for sale)

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