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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the hopper Popper?

The Short family have developed and sold The Hopper Popper to satisfied customers since 2013. The company has set themselves apart from their competitors in top notch Customer Service and FAST delivery of their products throughout the United States. Dale and Patti Short run a professional family welding business.

How does the hopperpopper work?

Pneumat’s HopperPopper has solved the problems that come from banging, pounding and poking at DDGs and meal products to unload them out of railcars or trucks by combining the power of compressed air blast technology with precise hydraulic controls to finally do the job, safely and without damage.

Why does Eddie choose the hopper Popper tool set?

Ultimately, Eddie chooses the Hopper Popper tool set over alternatives because the killing of the rabbit is clean, instant and humane. You have an awesome product! I’m a novice at processing rabbits and I was able to dispatch, clean and bag 8 fryers in less than 2 hours with no added stress to the animals.

Why book with Hopper?

See why millions of travelers are using Hopper to book flights, hotels, and cars. Hopper predicts future flight and hotel prices with 95% recommendation accuracy and notifies you the instant there’s a deal. Freeze the price if you need more time to plan!

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