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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hopper Popper?

The Hopper Popper is the Best method for a Fast, Humane and Quiet way to Dispatch of a meat rabbit. The Short family have developed and sold The Hopper Popper to satisfied customers since 2013.

How much money has hohopper raised?

Hopper has raised over $590M. Our investors believe in our product and support our mission to change the way the world travels. Full medical, dental, and vision benefits. Life insurance.

How does hohopper work?

Hopper predicts future flight and hotel prices with 95% recommendation accuracy and notifies you the instant there’s a deal. Freeze the price if you need more time to plan! Prices will vary over the next 4 days, but you could save $84 or more by waiting.

What are the dimensions of a hole popper?

13.8” X 9.8” X 13.38” Hole Popper EDM with X - Y - Z Built-In Digital Readout System, High Precision Ball Screws, Programmable Control, Automatic Electrode Compensation and Work Light. Max Amps: 50 Table Size: 23... 14” X 10” 25 AMP Hole Popper EDM with Z1 - 13.3” Ram and Z2 - 7.8” Workhead X-Axis: 14” Y-Axis: 10” Hours: Low

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