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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopper a good app?

Hopper is a great mobile app that perfect for people who want to get good airfare predictions. Using it will give them the chance to save their money. For travelers and for anyone who want to book a flight in an easy way, they can use the Hopper app.

How reliable is Hopper?

Hopper’s claim to fame is that it can predict the right time to book a flight with up to 95% accuracy. To do this, Hopper has a team that developed an algorithm to analyze the millions of data points they collect every day. The algorithm looks at pricing trends to predict what flight prices will do.

What is Hopper app?

First, Hopper is exclusively a mobile app. This app claims to be able to predict flight price trends with up to 95% accuracy. They base their predictions on an algorithm they developed that analyzes historical flight price information.

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