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What does EB stand for?

EB Elektronische Berichterstattung (German: Electronic Reporting) EB Early Bronco (vehicle) EB Executive Body EB Eyecare Business EB Error Block EB Electricity Board EB Early Booking (travel industry) EB Entity Bean (Enterprise JavaBean) EB Europa Barbarorum (gaming modification for Rome: Total War) EB Earl Boykins (NBA Player) EB Economic Botany

What is the life expectancy of someone with EB?

In the more severe forms of EB, life expectancy ranges from early infancy to just 30 years of age. Click below to learn more about each type and meet an individual living with it. Genetic disorders, like EB, are usually passed down from parents to offspring.

What are the EB employee benefits?

Employee Benefit(s) EB Exabyte (1,024 Petabytes) EB Earthbound (video game) EB electronic beats (music festival organized by T-Mobile) EB Environmental Benefits EB Enterobacteriaceae (microbiology) EB Ettore Bugatti (sports car pioneer)

What is EB erstbezug?

EB Erstbezug (German: first occupancy new) EB Extension Box EB Electronic Bible EB Epidermylosis Bullosa (skin condition) EB Electronic Bonding EB Ephraim Brasher (colonial goldsmith and coin minter; mint mark)

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