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Frequently Asked Questions

What Holiday is September 9th?

September 9th Holiday. California Admission Day (California) - Marks California's acceptance into the United States on September 9, 1850. Today's Birthday Trivia . He was selected for his first NHL All-Star game in 2003 and, in 2012, he was named captain of one of the All-Star teams. Who is he? Today's Birthday Horoscope

How many days does Sept have?

September is the ninth month of the year and September always has 30 days. There are a total of four months with 30 days. September starts on the same weekday as December every year, but no other month ends on the same day as September. September got its name from the Latin word 'septem' which means seventh. Although September is now the ninth month, September used to be the 7th month back in the days before they added January and February to the calendar.

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