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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Holland win the World Cup after conceding five goals?

No team has won the World Cup after conceding five since... er West Germany in 1954. 84 min: Everyone likes it when Holland are good. Life is better when Holland are good. I'm looking forward to their quarter-final defeat.

Who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

With this win the Netherlands won Group B with a perfect record of three wins out of three, while Chile finished as group runners-up. ^ "2014 FIFA World Cup – Statistical Kit" (PDF).

When did the 2014 World Cup start and end?

Play began on 13 June and ended on 23 June 2014. The Netherlands and Chile progressed to the knockout stage, while Australia and Spain were eliminated after suffering two defeats in their opening two matches.

Did Spain win the World Cup in South Africa?

Yes, Spain opened with a defeat in South Africa four years ago and went on to win the competition, but this was a rout. And Diego Costa had the unhappiest of competition debuts, mitigated only by the misery Casillas must have been feeling.

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